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November 2, 2017 < BACK
Corporate Unicorn's Womens' Success Retreat 9:00 AM Freeport Community Center , Freeport ME This transformational "get a breakthrough in a day" retreat will feature 2 Brain Coaches for Women's Success (Bambi Thompson and Tam Veilleux)- working to take women through a process that will unleash their blocks and activate their confidence to achieve a specific goal, chosen by each woman ahead of time. (Great for MLM teams)

We will be focusing on moving energy, manifesting with the Law of Attraction, getting strategies and daily practices to remove the "efforting" from our lives. We'll address energy hygiene, how to dissolve limitation and beliefs, procrastination, time management, and more.

There will be strategic networking and we'll end the event with a Sangria and Sage Wisdom laser coaching / cocktail party. (Unicorn's LOVE a party)

Please share with any women that are serious success seekers and who are ready to build their lives and businesses from a place of power and with the energy of success! We are building a tribe of powerhouse women equipped to navigate these challenging times with "ease, joy, and glory"

To register and learn more: http://choosebigchange.com/2017-success-retreat/
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