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Excellent Customer Service; 8+ Years

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Job Type Looking For: Excellent Customer Service; 8+ Years

Contact: Colton Boudreau 813-400-9652 boudreau.family12@gmail.com

I've done everything from Cleaning Multi-million dollar condos, homes, and vacation rentals for Florida Vacation Connection - through a contracted company called 'Custom Clean, LLC'. I've been in the retail business for Wal-Mart and I also used to be a very dependable Guest Services Department Manager for McDonald's. I worked with P&Ls, truck orders/deliveries, scheduling people, putting up promotional advertisements and help train people to become managers themselves. I am a hard working New Englander who just wants to show the right company what I am made of. My longest running job was almost 9 years at McDonald's. I am moving from Florida to Maine and am desperately looking for work in the Brunswick, ME area. Before I moved to Maine I lived in Gorham, NH where McDonald's was located.
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