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2023 President's Award: Bob Langworthy

April 13, 2023

Bob Langworthy- President’s Award

The President’s Award is given at the discretion of the President of the Chamber Board of Directors and there is no set criteria.  However, even without having a precise criteria one would imagine that the award should go to an individual, group or business who has supported the chamber in a specific way and in doing so, has left an indelible, positive mark on the organization or the local business community.  As Nick Favreau’s last duty as the outgoing President of the Board, he wants to thank Bob Langworthy for his tremendous vision, effort and support he gave the Chamber in its time of need, and honor him with the President’s Award.

For those that don’t know him, Bob Langworthy is the founder of Management Accounting, which began 14 years ago, and is now a thriving ten-employee CPA firm based in Brunswick.  But in the beginning, it was just Bob.  With the support of his loving wife Mei-Ning, and their four children, Bob built his business from the ground up.  Bob started like many entrepreneurs do, leaning on family and friends to help spread the word, going out as often as he could to meet with potential clients, and hoping that leads to more word-of-mouth referrals. 

Art Boulay was an early mentor of Bob’s, helping him navigate the ins and outs of being a small business owner and landlord.  Art specializes in professional leadership assessments and helped Bob chart a course for what kind of a leader he wanted to be, by helping him understand his strengths and weaknesses.  Father-in-law Rob Gregory was a constant source of encouragement too, throughout the early years of the business.

The local chamber intrigued Bob, because it fit two roles for his life.  Engaging with the chamber would help him undoubtedly meet business leaders, but also it was a great avenue for him to volunteer.  Bob grew up in the church and he has been volunteering his entire life.  He knew the personal fulfillment he could get from serving  in the community, and with the added bonus of professional networking opportunities for his growing business, it made sense to put his volunteering efforts there. 

Bob jumped on the chamber board in 2013, helping on the Finance Team and becoming the eventual Treasurer.  Shortly after joining, the Board was faced with a restructuring of staff following the departure of the lead staff member.  The board took the time to evaluate the organization soup to nuts to really bear down and figure out what they wanted the chamber to be.  Bob describes it this way:

“It felt like it was crucial for the business community to have this organization continue- an organization that could pull together events, provide networking forums, give us a voice at the State- and we felt like there would be a tremendous hole in the business community without the chamber and we needed to find a way to move forward”

So that’s what Bob did along with about two dozen others.  As the Treasurer, the Board needed a level-headed pragmatist who could evaluate the right moves financially, set achievable goals, while also taking into account the needs of the businesses, when selecting which programs and events the Chamber would continue with.  Bob became a critical member of the Board and helped navigate the uncertainty.

During that time, the Midcoast Edge Board President had a seat on the chamber board, and that person was Nick Favreau.  Nick is the last remaining board member from those years, and before he left his Presidential duties behind, he chose to honor Bob with this award.

Bob’s intelligence, moral fortitude and kindness helped set us on the positive course that our chamber is on- and we won’t soon forget all of his work. 

Congratulations to Bob Langworthy, the 2023 President’s Award recipient.

Watch Bob's award profile video here! Video credit to Sturdy Production

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