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Brunswick Explorer Offering Rides to Vet Appointments

January 18, 2019

Do you need to take your small pet or service animal to the Veterinarian?
The Brunswick Explorer can take you to:
• The Veterinary Clinic at 304 1/2 Maine Street
• Bath-Brunswick Veterinary Associates at 257 Bath Road
• Sunray Animal Clinic at 73 Admiral Fitch Avenue

Please note that only trained service animals under control of the rider, or small pets in carriers, may ride on the bus.
To reduce travel time, riders coming from Baribeau Drive going to The Veterinary Clinic may take an eastbound bus to Brunswick Station, arriving at 11 minutes after the hour and transfer, at no cost, to the next westbound bus at 35 minutes after the hour. Riders would inform the driver that they need to stop at the Veterinary Clinic, which is less than a 5 minute trip from the station.

Unfortunately there isn’t a way to reduce travel time to Bath-Brunswick Veterinary Associates at 257 Bath Road.
For Sunray Animal Clinic, please call 721-9600, at least one hour before your required pick-up time, to use our Flex-Route service.

Riders ready for pick-up after an appointment would call 721-9600 and ask for the next bus to pick them up, 35 minutes after the hour for The Veterinary Clinic, on-the-hour for Bath-Brunswick Veterinary Associates. Pick-up at Sunray will be determined by our Customer Service Representative.

Riders are asked to wait for pick-up at the exit of the Veterinary Clinic parking lot, outside the door at Bath-Brunswick Veterinary Associates and at the driveway entrance to Sunray, to assure minimum delay to the schedule.

Please be aware the last westbound bus is at 4:00 PM.

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