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Dr. DeMars of Mid Coast Completes Yearlong Certificate Training at The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice

August 18, 2015

Brunswick, ME – Carl DeMars, MD, Primary Care Physician with Mid Coast Medical Group-Bath recently completed the Fundamentals of Value-Based Health Care certificate program with The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice. The yearlong training provides insight and skills to improve healthcare delivery in a way that is scientifically and ethically sound, while also sustainable.


Dr. DeMars, who is also the Senior Medical Director of Mid Coast Hospital’s Accountable Care program, intends to integrate the strategies and concepts learned through the Dartmouth Institute program to help navigate the challenges of patient-centered, high-value healthcare. This has been identified as an important, strategic objective for the hospital.


“The Dartmouth Institute program directly correlates with the goals of Mid Coast Health Service’s 2020 vision<http://www.midcoasthealth.com/pdf/news/2020-Vision.pdf>, an integrated and accountable care model in which patients receive healthcare in the most caring, efficient, and cost effective manner possible," noted Dr. DeMars. “With the knowledge obtained from this program, I have a better understanding of all aspects that contribute to value-based healthcare and am better prepared to lead the innovations and improvements that will benefit the community through higher quality, lower cost care.”


This involves enhancing and transforming healthcare in several ways. A fundamental component is incorporating improved care practices to provide better outcomes for the same or lower costs. Encouraging shared decision making between patients and their care team is another key factor. And perhaps one of the most challenging aspects is implementing practical, ethical reasoning to evaluate and appropriately respond to contemporary clinical and organizational concerns.



The end result provides better patient choices and outcomes as well as higher patient and care-provider satisfaction.

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