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Local Scholarships Available for Maine Students

March 30, 2015

Portland, ME  3-4-15 – As the cost of higher education continues to increase, students and their families struggle to find ways to pay their college expenses. Scholarships are a great way to help fill college funding gaps. Any scholarship amount earned will reduce the amount students need to pay or borrow for their college education. Maine students should be sure to check out the listing of local scholarships administered by Maine Education Services. These programs include:



Visit www.mesfoundation.org and click on the scholarship link to review complete details for each scholarship. Applying is easy, students simply complete one, quick, online application. The system automatically notifies them which scholarships they are eligible for and alerts them if any additional information is required. If students have questions, MES is available to assist via online chat, email, or phone.


About MES

Founded in 1993, MES is Maine’s one-stop resource for college planning, offering free tools for financial literacy, college preparation, and transitional support from high school to college and college to career.  For over 20 years, MES has successfully managed many internal and external scholarship programs as well as educational loan products. In doing so, the organization has helped to provide countless opportunities for Maine students to achieve their post-secondary education goals. Whether students are returning to college or entering for the first time, MES can help. For more information on MES, visit www.mesfoundation.org or call 800-922-6352.

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