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New Schedule Announced for Amtrak Downeaster

March 25, 2015

New Schedule Announced for Amtrak Downeaster
Changes to take effect March 30, 2015

PORTLAND, Maine – The Northern New England Passenger Rail Authority (NNEPRA), in cooperation with Amtrak and its operating partners, announced today changes to the Downeaster schedule which will take effect on Monday, March 30, 2015. The changes are being implemented to improve the reliability of Downeaster trains.
Downeaster reliability has been declining for the past several months, due in part to weather-related challenges such as mechanical failures, railroad infrastructure malfunctions, and unpredictability of both freight and commuter train operations. The harsh winter impacted railroad infrastructure and is likely to further exaggerate the delays typically experienced during the spring thaw. Although railroad maintenance crews will be prepared to address issues as they occur, the impacts are unknown at this time and therefore schedule modifications are being implemented proactively to provide more time between trains so that a delay impacting one train does not cascade into another.
“Downeaster service is really important to our community and we appreciate these schedule changes which should enhance the reliability of trains for many of our travelers,” said Brent Marriner, Wells Regional Transportation Center Station Manager.
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The most notable changes include the operation of northbound Train 683 to Freeport and Brunswick instead of Train 681. The change means that the northbound train from Boston will arrive in Brunswick at 3:00pm, instead of 12:25pm. Additionally, southbound Train 688/698 will depart Brunswick slightly later at 6:25pm. “The Downeaster is an economic engine for the Freeport business community and the shorter day trip associated with this new schedule may actually encourage more shoppers to our town”, commented Sande Updegraph, Executive Director of the Greater Freeport Chamber of Commerce.
Other changes include an adjustment to the Boston departure time of northbound Train 687 from its current 5:40pm timeslot to 6:05pm, and the seasonal shift of northbound Train 689/699 from an 11:00pm Boston departure to an 11:20pm departure to accommodate sports fans. Additionally, minor changes have been made to mid-day train schedules.
A complete schedule is available on AmtrakDowneaster.com.

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