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Red Cross says to homeowners: Install and check your smoke detectors and ensure you have practiced your escape plans

February 10, 2012

The Mid Coast Chapter of the American Red Cross assisted a family following a fire that destroyed their Brunswick home on February 8, 2012.  Long-time Red Cross volunteer and member of our Disaster Action Team Linda Blanton of Bailey Island met with the family and was able to meet their immediate disaster-caused needs.  Red Cross disaster assistance may include:  temporary shelter, as well as clothing, groceries and other critical items like prescription medications or eyeglasses that are lost, damaged or destroyed in the fire.

“As we continue to work with this Brunswick family, we’d also like to remind others to be diligent in their prevention efforts,” said Paul Clark, Director of Emergency Services of the Mid Coast Chapter.  “Every family needs to install and check their smoke detectors and ensure they have practiced their escape plans.” 

The Mid Coast Chapter has responded to more than a dozen home and two apartment building fires in midcoast Maine so far this winter.  To ensure you and your family are prepared for a fire, the Red Cross recommends installing smoke alarms outside of each sleeping area and on each level of your home.  If you sleep with closed doors, install alarms inside each sleeping area.  Use the test button to test each smoke alarm once a month.  All smoke alarm batteries need to be replaced once a year.  Every family should have a fire escape plan that includes at least two escape routes from every room in the home.  Also chose a convenient meeting place at a safe distance from your home.  Practice your escape plan at least twice a year with all family members.

Red Cross disaster assistance is always available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but to make that possible we count on the generous contributions from our local friends and neighbors.   You can help by making a financial contribution to Mid Coast Chapter today. Donations to the Mid Coast Chapter disaster relief fund will provide financial assistance to victims of disaster for their immediate disaster-caused needs. .Red Cross assistance may provide covers food, shelter, clothing, and medical health materials and services.

People who wish to support the Red Cross can make a financial donation to their local Mid Coast Chapter American Red Cross at 16 Community Way in Topsham, ME or call our office at (207) 729-6779.

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