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The integration of Brunswick’s two well-regarded healthcare institutions is court approved. The sale of Parkview Adventist Medical Center to Mid Coast Health became official on August 20, 2015.

August 26, 2015

Integration of Brunswick Hospitals Approved Mid Coast and Parkview Advance Shared Vision

Mid Coast and Parkview have been planning for a full integration since Parkview filed for Chapter 11 in the U. S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Maine, earlier this summer. The two healthcare organizations presented a unified vision and comprehensive integration plan to the Court for prompt review and approval. The plan spells out how the two organizations will operate as one, with a shared vision that brings the best of their legacies and resources together in order to provide the highest quality care, to improve the health of the community, and to lower healthcare costs.

Lois Skillings, President and CEO of Mid Coast Health, announced, “This day marks the beginning of a bright new era for healthcare in our community. Until now, our two organizations independently faced the ever-increasing challenges arising from a changing landscape in healthcare delivery. And now, our unified vision will allow us to preserve the mission of our two beloved organizations; delivering outstanding healthcare and improving the health of the community.”

Parkview’s former President and CEO Randee Reynolds, has been appointed to the organization’s leadership team as Vice President of Community Health and Integration. "We are extremely enthusiastic about today’s news,” he commented. “In order to offer the best care for our patients and the community, Parkview Adventist Medical Center decided to create a lasting vision with Mid Coast Health that will better serve our region’s healthcare needs, now and in the future. We believe that our shared vision will drive substantial progress on a number of fronts, including access to care, quality of care, patient experience, lower costs, and improved community health and wellness. One of the many reasons we are so pleased with the Mid Coast partnership is that the focus on health and wellness on the campus actually grows more distinct, not less so. From the perspective of the Seventh-day Adventist religion, this means that the areas that we care so much about as a church will continue going forward.”

In June, both Mid Coast Health and Parkview Adventist Medical Center boards of directors voted unanimously to move ahead with the integration pending court approval. At that time, the Mid Coast board of directors also approved changing the name of their health system from Mid Coast Health Services to Mid Coast–Parkview Health. The name of the hospital will remain Mid Coast Hospital. The campus at Parkview will be called Parkview Medical Center and all services will function under the license of Mid Coast Hospital from a regulatory perspective, including Joint Commission accreditation and Magnet designation.

Skillings offered some important details about the integration. “Now that we have approval, we will continue the transition to realign services that began in June when inpatient and emergency services moved from the Parkview campus to Mid Coast Hospital. All full and part-time employees of Parkview Adventist Medical Center have been invited to continue with our new organization. Over the coming weeks and months, some of the outpatient services that have been at Mid Coast will move to the Parkview campus, where we will provide community health and wellness programs and physician practices. We will also provide outpatient services such as medical oncology, hematology and infusion services; laboratory and x-ray; ambulatory surgery; and speech, physical and occupational therapy on the Parkview campus. The campus at Parkview will continue to provide the faith-based practices of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.”

Skillings commented on a very important aspect of today’s announcement, “The support from the community since the news of the plan for Mid Coast and Parkview to come together has been overwhelmingly positive. Local businesses, and people who live and work in our region, will benefit from increased access and lower healthcare costs, which are essential to our local economy and quality of life here in the Midcoast region.”

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