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Who is Your Covid Hero? Nominate them here

April 6, 2021

This has been a very unique year and because of that we want to honor it with a very unique awards reception on May 13; but L-I-T-E-R-A-L-L-Y we cannot do it without you, and here’s why.

We want to honor those individuals, organizations, businesses and colleagues that helped you get through the only pandemic most of  us has ever experienced, but to do so we need to hear your stories so we can share them.

Each of us could take five minutes and think of probably a dozen individuals that helped you personally since the pandemic began in February/March 2020. 

Who is your Covid Hero?  

Some were philanthropists who supported organizations in need.

Some were volunteers who helped with a project even though they were high-risk

Some were citizens who chose to volunteer their time because they just wanted to give back

Some were lenders that helped you secure a loan

Some were frontline workers who supported us by their strength to show up

Some were agencies that connected us to resources

Some were healthcare professionals who led the with guidance and compassion

Some were colleagues who shared a laugh with us

A business that re-opened so you had an escape

An elected official who helped share updates or create policy for your survival

A customer who went out of their way to check on you and the staff

A neighbor who organized a socially distanced gathering

An employee who did extra cleanings to ensure everyone else would have a safe environment

An owner who invested in order to make the business safer

An employee who figured out a new procedure to help the office keep functioning

A staff member who just made you smile and made your days just a little easier 

From now until, April 23 we will be accepting (100 word maximum) nominations for your Covid Hero.  We will not be tabulating these to pick a “a winner”- that’s not what this is.  Everyone who is nominated in this process is a winner, and will be included in this event and throughout the year.  You can e-mail all of your nominations to Cory at the Chamber office. 

At our Awards Reception on May 13 we unveil the heroes nominated and will look to highlight several of the stories to give examples of Covid Heroes in our region.  We also hope to continue to the tell the stories, after May 13, through our various chamber channels. 

If you would rather submit your nomination, we have created a form for submissions (or again just e-mail Cory)- either way works.  



Additional Notes for those looking for more details:
- Don’t get hung up on the phrase “Covid Hero.” The word ‘hero’ carries a lot of weight for some people and we get that.  However, it does convey thanks and gratitude for those who did more than we could have expected, which is why we use it. 

- We expect, as in fully expect, some of you to turn in multiple, and perhaps dozens of nominations for different citizens, organizations, businesses and so on.  We all have at least ten people that come to mind- don’t be embarrassed- spread the love.  Some managers and owners may highlight entire teams or every employee, and all I can say is, we are here for that

- Anonymous submissions are welcomed.  Obviously, Cory will know who sent them in if it’s by e-mail, but he won’t share that. We encourage everyone to put their names on their submissions so those recognized are aware of who nominated them, but if you’d rather not, we respect that too and simply put anonymous on your e-mail.  

Not to get too fatalistic, but we lost over 500,000 people to Covid-19 and many of them couldn’t be with family members to share their final precious thankful thoughts with one another.  As we hopefully are heading towards an end of this pandemic, we can’t think of a more appropriate way to mark our thanks for one another then to give as much recognition to as many people as possible.  It’s not a competition- someone who helped in a small way, has as much impact on a life as those who did larger things.  Our hope is that we can recognize equally those who helped in any way.  Our Hacker’s Ball and Awards Ceremony at Brunswick Golf Club on May 13 will be a chance to celebrate making it through a very trying year while taking a moment to say thank you to the ones who helped us get there- and that seems like a can’t miss event to us.   


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