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Wilcox Wellness & Fitness Announces the Opening of New Location in Brunswick, Maine

November 30, 2018

Wilcox Wellness & Fitness Announces the Opening of New Location in Brunswick, Maine

Offering Private and Group Personal Training Services with Sustainability at the Heart of their Mission.

BRUNSWICK, Me., November 26th, 2018 -- Wilcox Wellness & Fitness announced the opening of their newest location in Brunswick, Maine, the first location under their new franchise model with the goal of expanding their services to communities across Maine.

Allison Hopkins, owner of Wilcox Wellness & Fitness, Brunswick, announced the opening of the business at 275 Bath Rd in Brunswick, which is slated for January 2019.  Wilcox Wellness & Fitness is a private personal training facility that offers both group personal training and one-on-one private training.  The business caters to busy professionals who are looking for support in their health and fitness journey by providing a welcoming and supportive culture that aids clients in reaching their goals both inside and outside of the gym, focusing on healthy habits that are sustainable for a lifetime.  Wilcox Wellness & Fitness, Brunswick will start off with over 35 training sessions that clients can choose from each week and will be open from 5:30am - 7pm Monday through Friday, and 8am - 11am on Saturdays.

Wilcox Wellness & Fitness was founded in Bangor, Maine in 2012 by Mike & Paige Wilcox, with the mission of enhancing lives through health and fitness that is sustainable for a lifetime.  In November 2017 the Wilcox’s announced the release of their franchise with the goal of expanding their reach and impact to more communities across Maine. 

Paige Wilcox, owner of the Bangor location said about the opening of the new location in Brunswick, “Our big vision is to empower entrepreneurs to positively impact their communities through healthy living.  We believe in the ripple effect that is created when people commit to healthy living.  When people commit to healthy living, they have the confidence to pursue the things that make them happy. They have the ability to ENJOY the activities that make them HAPPY again. Like playing with their kids, or hiking, or biking, or just getting up a flight of stairs without getting winded. The confidence that comes from committing to healthy living transforms people’s lives. They carry themselves differently. They have the confidence to do more meaningful work. They have the confidence to pursue the things that sets their soul on fire. This is what we are in it for. WE love what we do. The work is so rewarding. We get to see these beautiful transformations happen on a daily basis.  I am beyond excited for Allison to have this positive impact in the Brunswick community.” 

“I am so excited to be working with Mike & Paige on this new location in Brunswick.  I have been inspired by what they have created in Bangor, and the impact that they have made on their local community”, said Hopkins.  The Bangor location is known for their charitable outreach in the local community.  Their “check ins for charity” by Bangor clients support Sarah’s house, a Holden based organization providing temporary lodging to patients and their caregivers while receiving cancer treatment at Eastern Maine Medical Center.  Allison talked about her excitement to participate in the Wilcox Wellness & Fitness annual event, Burpees for Turkeys, which started in 2015 and has raised over $29k for the Good Shepherd Food Bank, and to help end food insecurity in Maine. 

As we come into the holiday season many of us find ourselves contemplating our resolution for the new year ahead, but all too often we create a resolution with the best of intentions just to be swept back into our busy life and leaving that resolution behind.  If you’re looking for a new and sustainable path towards health and fitness in 2019 be sure to check out Wilcox Wellness & Fitness.  “We want to work with our clients to truly understand their goals and identify obstacles that can get in the way right up front.  This helps us to create an action plan together and set each individual up for success”, said Hopkins. 

You don’t have to wait until January.  Download the Wilcox Wellness & Fitness free QuickStart guide to get started right away by going to this web address, or texting WilcoxQuickStart to 44222.


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About Wilcox Wellness & Fitness

Wilcox Wellness & Fitness is a personal training business, offering private and group personal training. They opened in Bangor, Maine in 2012 and will be opening their first franchise location in Brunswick, Maine in 2019.  The mission is to inspire people to enhance their life by forming healthy habits that are sustainable for a lifetime.  Wilcox Wellness & Fitness supports their clients on all aspects of healthy living with functional training, nutrition guidance, and a healthy mindset.  For more information, visit



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