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Wood Bridge Design Adv. Comm.- Purpose & Schedule

October 3, 2016

Mission of DAC & Meeting Schedule

DAC PURPOSE – per 2016-06-02 BOS resolution

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: To ensure that the final design of the new bridge best meets both the State’s responsibility to meet the public’s transportation needs, and incorporates, to the degree that is financially feasible, the aesthetic and functional needs and preferences of Topsham and Brunswick, we will appoint, jointly with Brunswick, a Design Advisory Committee to work with the Maine Department of Transportation to optimize the final design for the new bridge.

MEETING SCHEDULE – All meetings begin at 6:00pm

Brunswick meetings: Town Office, Second Floor Conference Room - #206

Topsham meetings: Town Office, Donald Russell Meeting Room


MON 06-27 Topsham Organizational meeting

WED 07-20 Topsham Summer Street residents

MON 08-22 Topsham Bike/ped & handicap communities

WED 09-14 Brunswick Aesthetics

WED 10-12 Topsham Water Street residents & businesses community

WED 11-09 Brunswick Public works/safety & historic memorialization

WED 12-07 Topsham TBD

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