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Free Haunted Castle - Dark Rites 5:00 PM The Haunted Castle's Keep , New Harbor

Free to all souls

A castle rises out of the mist, lights flickering in the chill air. Shadows begin to writhe in the darkness. From within you can hear a chorus of voices, all reciting strange words. As the chanting reaches a fever pitch, you feel the air crackle and grow heavier. Are the creatures here being freed, or are you fated to join them in their enchanted prison? What sacrifice will you have to make to leave this place?

Come join the gathering! The High Priestess summons you and will personally show you the way into her labyrinth of secrets. Witness rituals drawn from ancient lore, and assist her followers in their conjurings. But follow the ceremony carefully, because a mistake could leave you trapped here in the castle where the sun never rises.
Younger initiates, and the faint of heart, may forego the horrors of the castle itself, and be welcomed in the faerie realm beyond.

The rites will transpire October 27th-29th, and 31st, at 2634 Bristol Road in New Harbor, between the hours of 5pm and 9pm. Obedient guests will be rewarded with sweets. Questions? Call 207-677-3741, and find the Haunted Castle's Keep on Facebook for glimpses of previous incarnations of this mystical place, as well as updates.

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