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Hire Local


At the Southern Midcoast Maine Chamber, we believe in "buying local."  Just as importantly, we believe that local people should have the opportunity to work in local jobs when available. 

That is why we are proud to partner with the regional workforce powerhouse, Coastal Counties Workforce, Inc., to start our "Hire Local" Program.  Any employer who is a Chamber Member can post their job vacancies on this site at no charge.  Like wise, any job seeker in the Chamber's 16 town area can post their resume and review job listings here for free.  By working together, we can increase prosperity in our region by keeping local people employed in local jobs! 


Companies:  Post a Job Listing  View Resumes

Individuals: View Job Listings  Post Your Resume


A special "thank you" to BONNEY Staffing for their assistance in starting this program, too!

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