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PHS, the founding company of Providence Service Corporation (PSC), has been carved out of PSC, to become the behavioral health provider division of Molina Healthcare, now known as Pathways. Many of us know Molina for who they are in Maine: Molina Medicaid Solutions. It turns out that managing Medicaid claims is only a small piece of what Molina does. The majority of Molina’s focus is as a Medicaid managed care organization, managing the healthcare for over 1.8 million Medicaid and dual eligible members in 9 states across the country. PHS is the nation’s largest community-based behavioral health and social services provider, serving children, families and adults in 23 states and Washington DC. We are excited about combining our behavioral health expertise with the expertise of Molina to better support the health and wellness of our clients and Molina’s health plan members. In a nut shell, our plan is to proactively integrate behavioral health treatment and care coordination into Molina’s health plans and primary care clinics.

Providence was founded in the mid 1990’s with the mission to de-institutionalize mental health, substance abuse and intellectual disabilities services. Our aim was to provide treatment in our client’s homes and communities in order to make long-term changes in their family and community systems, while diverting those we could from higher cost and less effective institutional and residential care. With this mission at the front of our minds, we reached into the communities with the highest need, quickly becoming one of the largest and highest quality providers of home and community based behavioral health services in each community we served. While providing behavioral health services in our clients’ homes and communities is commonplace now, at the time, it was a bit of a revolution in how care was provided. As we are all well aware, the next revolution for behavioral health is integrating our services and expertise into the wider healthcare landscape: with primary care, hospitals, emergency departments, and importantly, with payers of care. We believe that this new strategic partnership with Molina will accelerate our role in this revolution.

We also believe that this new partnership couldn’t be with a better organization than Molina. Molina Healthcare was founded in 1980, when as an emergency room physician, C. David Molina, noticed that low-income, uninsured or non-English speaking patients were coming to the emergency room in need of general health care services. Without family doctors, they were not always getting the right care and information. These underserved families deserved better and Dr. Molina set out to do something about it. He opened a clinic in Long Beach, California to provide low-income individuals and families with a place to go to get personalized health care from Molina doctors. Two more clinics opened that same year and today Molina’s health plans and clinics serve 1.8 million people across the country. Dr. Molina’s vision continues and is now championed by his 2 sons and 1 daughter who continue to lead the company as CEO, CFO and Executive Vice President of Research and Development. While Molina is a large Fortune 500 company, it has the feel of family-run business with the primary mission of improving the lives of those most in need. The culture and mission of Providence and that of Molina are an excellent fit and will continue to drive growth an innovation for both of us.

While I can’t help but get excited about the innovation that is ahead, it’s important that I let you know that right now, except for our name, nothing is really changing! We are becoming “Pathways,” but under that new name and brand, we will continue to provide the same services we provide now. We will serve the same clients, in the same locations, with the same practitioners and under the same leadership. You can contact us as you have in the past and expect the same quality treatment and mission driven leadership you have come to expect from us. You can also find us now at and at new email addresses: However, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me or to Scott Hayward, Maine’s State Director. We are happy to tell you more about what this new partnership with Molina means for us and the communities we serve.
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