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Restaurants & Cafes: Fill Out this Amenities Questionnaire, Please

Restaurants & Cafes: We want to serve you better

Below is an amenities questionnaire for you to complete. The information you provide here will be included in our annual Companion Guide, which we refer to frequently when helping visitors explore our region. Having up-to-date information on what you offer helps us better promote your business. We want guests to experience the best of Southern Midcoast Maine and that means connecting them to you.

This questionnaire is different from the Member Contact Information form. Please complete that one, too, if you haven’t already, so we can all stay connected. 

Connect with Claire if you have any trouble submitting your form or would like to provide additional information beyond the scope of the questionnaire.

In 1-3 words, describe your business/type of food you serve. For example, you can list things like "Donuts and Coffee," "Seafood," "Pub," or "Sandwiches."

If you select multiple, we'll list a range.

If there is any additional information you'd like to share in relation to these questions to help us best represent your business, please feel free to do that here!

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