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Members Update Your Contact Information

Members: Update Your Contact Information

Changes happen, we get that. 

Member Contact Information:
The best way we can serve you is by being sure we have you listed with the right contact information in all of our chamber lists.  Though you can make changes to your website listing anytime you want (e-mail Cory if you need your login information) we also have other member lists including our bookkeeping lists, our Chamber guide directory and our e-newsletter list.  

If you have changes to any of your contact information (including Business Name, Physical Address, Mailing Address, Best Chamber Contact, Phone, E-mail (for e-newsletters), E-mail (for the public), Website, Billing Contact or Preferred Billing Method (Mail/E-mail)) please fill out the embedded form below. 

Only the Business Name is a required field, so if you have just one change to make (say a new contact person or you want to add someone to the e-newsletter list) just type in your business name and fill out only the fields with changes. 

Finally, besides the e-mail for the e-newsletter category (which you can add multiple people to), we will assume that any change you request will remove the previous entry. For example, if your enter a new website address we will replace what we have on file with the new information and not keep both pieces of info on file.  If for any reason you want us to keep multiple phone or contact names on file, e-mail Cory.  

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