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Cross the Kennebec River heading east from Bath and then swing south and you will find a bridge that leads to the serene beauty of the island community of Arrowsic.Lighthouse

Arrowsic may have the highest per capita number of lighthouses to residents in the country.  Doubling Point, the two Kennebec River Range Lights, and Squirrel Point Light are treasures to behold. You can see how the lights work and learn much from the Range Light Keepers' web site. All three of the Arrowsic lighthouse facilities are in the hands of non-profit groups that see to their maintenance and preservation.

Down river, where the Kennebec turns slightly east and runs to meet the ocean, you can find Squirrel Point Light. The Keeper's House, boathouse, and other outbuildings are preserved on this point, which is accessible by foot only.

Like so many Maine-coast islands, Arrowsic is mainly sustained by the trades of the sea: lobstering, boatbuilding, fishing and native crafts.

For more information, visit the Town Website,  or take a drive and visit the area. (Map)

Arrowsic Seguin Lighthouse

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