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Midcoast Tree Festival

3rd Annual Midcoast Tree Festival, Nov. 19-21 & Nov. 26-28

For starters: check out our brand-new event dedicated website at:

The information below is still valid for this year, but we will not be updating the info below after November 9th.  To get the latest info it's either: or 



Midcoast Tree Festival is Back, Nov. 19-21 and Nov. 26-28, 2021!

2021 Edition to Include Indoor & Outdoor Ticketing

Spectrum Generations, All Saints Parish and the Southern Midcoast Maine Chamber (SMMC) are proud to announce the triumphant return of the Midcoast Tree Festival (MTF) on the weekends before and after Thanksgiving at the St. John's Community Center (43 Pleasant Street, Brunswick).  The MTF  is a six-day event running November 19-21 and November 26-28, 2021 featuring dozens of tree spaces and wreaths that citizens can win.

Local businesses and organizations sign up as a tree benefactor, which gives them a 4' x 8' space to fill with a minimum of $500.00 of value to the customer, and citizens purchase tickets for 50 cents apiece for a chance to win the tree spaces.  In addition there is children's crafts, entertainment, a 50/50, holiday music and even a visit from Santa.  Proceeds for the event are split equally between the Spectrum Generations' Meals on Wheels program, All Saints Parish (St. John's School) and the SMMC.  

In 2020, due to Covid-19, the festival got converted to an online auction called the Midcoast Tree Auction, but this year will be like 2019 with the tree spaces, wreaths and on-site event.  The committee is very conscious about public safety and will have in place many of the Covid-19 safety precautions that we have become accustom to over the the past 18 months, including: encouraging masking, encouraging social distancing, additional cleaning of surfaces, and having arrows to mark traffic flow in certain high traffic areas.  There are also some new changes in 2021 listed below that will make the event even better, and in some cases safer from Covid-19, including:

Registering for a Tree


- Tree Benefactors: This is for the businesses or groups who want to get their own tree space to display their tree and gifts.  There is a $500.00 minimum value for tree spaces.
Here is a link to the 2021Tree Benefactor guidelines 
Tree Registration: You can register using the Tree Benefactor Registration below. Scroll down to the embedded form at the bottom of this page to register your business.  

- Tree Setup: Tree Benefactors need to set up their own trees prior to the event on either November 17 and/or November 18.  There are sign up times on the registration form below.  Select a time, and we will confirm with you about a week before to ensure that time still works for you. 

- Let Us Build Your Tree:  If your business wants to support the event as a Tree Benefactor but doesn't have the time or staff hours to devote to setting up a tree, contact Cory and he will get our tree squad to create a tree space for your company.  Simply let Cory know how much value or what items you would like in the space and our elves will do the shopping and build the space for you.  

Registering for a Wreath

- Wreath Benefactors: This is for non-profits who want to promote themselves.
Here is the link to the 2021 Wreath Benefactor guidelines and know that for wreath benefactors there is no minimum value requirement as these are intended to be decorative with your own flair.
Wreath Registration: Please e-mail SMMC Executive Director Cory King to register your group as a Wreath Benefactor.  

Becoming an MTF Event Sponsor

- MTF Sponsorship: Businesses can also support the event through sponsorship.
Here are the 2021 Sponsorship Opportunities for your consideration.  Sponsorship opportunities include: 
Media Sponsors (5),
Stage & Entertainment Sponsor (1),
Cleaning & Safety Sponsor (2),
Decoration Sponsors (As many as possible). 
Many sponsorships come with an opportunity to secure the tree space location of your choosing. Currently sponsorships range from $100 to $500. Additional sponsorships may become available (such as a T-Shirt sponsor) and other sponsorship ideas will be considered (get creative!).
Sponsor Registration: Please e-mail SMMC Executive Director Cory King if you are interested at a level of sponsorship. 

New in 2021: Changes for Ticketing & New Website 

- New in 2021- Indoor and Outdoor Ticketing: We will have both indoor and outdoor ticketing on-site and our tickets will be sold at a ticket booth outside the front door. Essentially the plan is for those that don’t want to go in, but want to put the tickets in themselves, we will have pictures of the trees set up outside the windows so you can put your tickets in the corresponding buckets for the trees you want a chance to win.

- New in 2021- MTF website: We are migrating our online registrations and information to a dedicated MTF Website prior to the event which should be operational about one week prior to the event. That gives us a week to update the new site but also incorporate the remote ticket purchasing system, and upload the logos of the tree benefactors, wreath benefactors and event sponsors who sign up in this first few weeks.  

Latest MTF Updates

- MTF Facebook Page: Until the new website is up and running, the best place for event info is to follow the MTF Facebook Page which is managed by the committee. Honestly, even after the website is up, our MTF Facebook page is a great spot for newsworthy MTF items, videos, reminders and more.

- Volunteer & Entertainment Opportunities: The volunteer sign up link is here If you have questions about volunteering you can e-mail Charleen or Cory and they will get back to you. 

Interested in showcasing your talents through entertainment?  We are looking for holiday/ family friendly entertainment to add to our event, so if you're interested e-mail Cory and he will get back to you as soon as he can.  

- New Surprises await! We are just getting the need-to-know info out right now, but trust us, we have a few extra pieces up our sleeves for this event that I think you will love, so stay tuned to these updates!

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2021 Tree Benefactor Registration Form

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