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MTF 2023: Information and Links

October 24, 2023

The MTF is our largest fundraising event of the year and it is a premier way to market and showcase your business and/or the businesses you love in our communities.

Due to State of Maine gambling rules, we’re required to submit an application for our license ten full business days prior to the event. So on Thursday, November 2nd, we must hand-deliver the application in Augusta. When we submit our application, we must have an itemized list of each prize in every tree space. Therefore all lists must be submitted to us by Tuesday, October 31 to have time to compile the information, and clear up any questions. To be clear, we cannot add any trees, or items to any tree spaces, after this date. That gives us 12 days from today to finalize our tree lists.

Below we will go over:

MTF is a big deal for us, and something that has evolved into one of the premier holiday events in the state in just five short years, and it’s thanks to all of you. We sincerely appreciate you checking out the options below and considering how you can engage with us on this great event.

Many thanks in advance,

Cory (the Elf)


Tree Registration Details + Forms

For those that aren't familiar with the Midcoast Tree Festival, at its core it's a two weekend raffle that happens the Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays before and after Thanksgiving. Though we have added several holiday pieces like wreaths, concessions, children’s crafts and entertainment, the stars of the show are the dozens of trees that businesses and local groups create with gifts that are raffled off.

As such, this is our most detailed section. We’re humbled every year by the creative and thoughtful displays from businesses- needless to say, the holder of the winning 50-cent raffle ticket of each tree is quite lucky! We had 44 tress in 2022, and our 2023 goal is 50 trees.

Here’s what you need to know if you want to sign up for a tree space:

Tree Guidelines: You'll find the specific Tree Guidelines here but essentially tree spaces are free as long as you agree to the following:

  • Provide at least $500 in customer value in your space (which includes the tree, decorations and gifts)
  • Your space must include a non-living tree or a depiction of a tree
  • A gift donation of at least $25 in value toward the Mega Tree

Depiction of a Tree: If you don’t want to have an artificial tree, consider an inflatable tree, a painting or photo of a tree, gifts stacked in a tree formation, etc.

Tree Deadline: As stated above, due to State of Maine gambling law, each tree space requires an itemized list of prizes and the value of each item. By state law we must submit these itemized lists for each tree space with our license application 10 business days prior to the event, thus we need your tree item lists by October 31.

What if I don’t yet know the value of all of my items? Don't over-complicate it! Remember that you can buy the same pair of gloves from four different stores and pay four different prices, so if you still have shopping to do, look up prices at the store you plan to visit and use that price. The same goes for your tree and decorations; if you budget $120 on a tree and $40 on decorations, then submit that and stick to that budget. We may be able to make some minor adjustments but we can’t add or subtract items as a whole. Please contact with specific questions about item lists.

Tree Setup: The vast majority of tree spaces are set up by the sponsoring business/organization. Tree Setups happen the two days prior to the event on Wednesday 11/15 and Thursday 11/16 at St. John’s Community Center in Brunswick. It’s actually an awesome bonding experience for staff. You will sign up for a setup arrival time on the tree registration form. Alternatively, there is a Tree Squad, made up of our elves, that can help out- that information is outlined below.

Sign Up in Three Easy Steps:

  1. Secure your spot by e-mailing the Tree Registration Form to
  2. Review the Tree Guidelines to know what is expected of your space
  3. Submit your Tree Items Value List by e-mailing the list to which should include everything that can be won in your space and its value

How non-profits can register for a wreath, registration form + guidelines

There is a State of Maine gambling rule that says we cannot entice the public to pay an entry fee to enter by promoting that we have door prizes of any kind including holiday items such as wreaths. We cannot promote that, thus we are not doing that here.

However, if you’re a non-profit organization or a wreathmaker and you would like to donate a wreath to the Midcoast Tree Festival, we would love to have them. These wreaths will be displayed near the door of our festival and then go home with individuals in our community. Annually we have 12-16 donated wreaths to display.

Wreath Guidelines: The Wreath Guidelines can be found here and the Wreath Registration form is here. We like to reserve these spots for non-profits and individuals as- unlike the trees- there is no minimum value required- we simply want them to be decorative. They do have to be artificial (as they will be on display indoors for two full weeks), however we encourage traditional and non-traditional wreaths! Feel free to add non-profit organization colors or marketing materials. Contact with any questions. Deadline for wreath registration is November 14.


How to Become a MTF Sponsor

Like any fundraising event, the MTF has expenses that need to be offset and a big way we do that is with event sponsorship. Most sponsorship levels come with an optional tree space but they all have their own unique sponsor benefits too.

  • Exclusive Festival Sponsor: $5,000
  • Entertainment Sponsors: $1,500
  • Media Sponsors:$1,000
  • T-Shirt Sponsor: $500
  • Children’s Crafts Sponsors: $300
  • Decoration Sponsors: $250

Click here for the MTF Sponsor Form. Deadline is November 14, but we do begin promoting sponsors in early November.


What is the Tree Squad?

We get it, we’re all busy, and you may want to participate with the MTF but you may not have the time- that’s where the Tree Squad comes in. The Tree Squad works one of two ways:

Option 1: You give us the items you want displayed in your tree space and we setup the tree for a modest setup fee donation.

Option 2: You cut us a check and we buy the items for the tree, AND set it up.

If you choose the second option, which is really a great way to contribute, we need a minimum of $500 to cover the value of the space. More is welcome and Cory can talk through options of how to spend it.

We welcome ideas for the theme of your tree! Some businesses want to highlight specific clients and ask us to buy gifts or gift cards from specific clients/businesses. Others say, ‘whatever you need’ in which case we pick a unique theme (our camping tree last year is a good example of that). If the Tree Squad is of interest, contact by October 30 as we need the prize lists by October 31.


Can I simply donate some items to the Chamber Tree or Mega Tree?

We love donations and can absolutely use them every year. Between Mega Tree and our own Chamber Tree, it is always nice to highlight businesses in our region. In the past, we've had multiple Chamber trees but our hope is that the other tree spaces will be filled by organizations and businesses.

To donate an item (or multiple items) please contact We need to know the value of the donation and what the donation is by October 31. We will need the items in-hand by November 14.

I would LOVE to Volunteer!

Each day of the MTF requires anywhere from 18-24 volunteers minimum. We have a great time every single day! You will meet some awesome people and it helps us out more than you could know (plus you get a t-shirt!).

Volunteer duties include: selling tree raffle tickets, working the admission table, selling 50/50 tickets (stationary), helping with children’s crafts, Mobile Assistants (greeters who point people in the right direction and roam to make sure people don’t have questions) and Café volunteers.

Hit this link for the volunteer shift registration!


Other Questions: Entertainment, Children's Crafts, + More

We’ve thrown a lot of information at you, thank you for making it this far! Here are just a few other things to know:

  • If you are, or know, an entertainer, we still have a few entertainment slots available. We like to have two entertainment performances each full day.
  • Sometimes people have fun, child-safe and not ridiculously messy craft ideas that we don’t know about. If you have an idea for Children's Crafts to share, let us know!
  • All guidelines, registration forms, and general information is on our chamber website at If you go to the homepage, there is a button in the upper left-hand corner
  • For videos, daily updates, sponsor announcements, and all other marketing for the MTF, the Midcoast Tree Festival Facebook page is your best bet!

Phew! That was a lot. Thanks for reading and for supporting the BBRC, Spectrum Generations, and All Saint's Parish. We can't wait to see you at this year's MTF!

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