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American Income Life Hiring Benefits Specialist- Work From Home

April 30, 2021

American Income Life

Benefits Specialist flexible schedule, work from home opportunity in the New England area!
Fisher Agencies is an entrepreneurial, leadership development organization that serves America's middle class with insurance and financial products designed to protect assets. We also offer profitable, rewarding careers for individuals seeking a better life and a better community.
We work to bring about positive change in the lives of the families we touch; be they our field representatives, public relations staff, managers, office staff, policyholders, or the member families we are privileged to serve.

Flexible schedule, able to work from home Our Sales Representatives never prospect or cold call. They are provided with qualified leads sent in directly from the members of our market. They will be trained to: · Meet with members of our market who request the knowledge and expertise of one of our qualified consultants. · Design a program to secure the livelihoods of our members based on information gleaned from each meeting. We get to know our clients. · Support each member from the initial meeting until the insurance claim is processed by being responsive to their changing needs and providing careful attention to their situations. · Learn all procedural and methodological ins and outs of our business. We’ve established the model that has been instituted globally, and we’ll make sure you know it as well as we do.

The right fit for our organization will have the following characteristics: · Positive attitude – our culture is nurturing. We want people who don’t sweat the small stuff. · Coach-able – our systems have been tested and proven for decades. Highly successful leaders will dedicate themselves to you. And we expect that you’ll process and implement all that they impart on you. · Driven – our best people commit to our business. We don’t bring people along in the traditional ways of ‘tenure-based promotion’. We want you to be ready to grow exponentially in your career. We’ll promote you based upon your performance, leadership, and credibility. · Organized – our people have the livelihoods of our members in their hands. We don’t take this lightly. · Detail-oriented – our members have complex needs. Get to know them and they will become like family members of yours. · Adaptable – our business is constantly changing. Be growth-oriented with a constant desire to learn and you’ll always be ahead of the curve.
The ideal candidate will have a high school diploma/GED or an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree from an accredited business college or university.

Our business is designed to reward qualified individuals handsomely for the time they dedicate to growing professionally. Our compensation package contains: · Guaranteed weekly income – it’s our job to make sure you’re financially comfortable while you’re training and learning your craft. · Weekly performance-based incentives – the guaranteed income is nice. But the incentive-based elements of our compensation package set us apart. We don’t pay bonuses out yearly or quarterly, we pay them weekly. Our team members also have the ability to earn additional income by performing at a high-level. · Full benefits – from insurance benefits to flexible time off, we embrace work-life balance and freedom to enjoy your personal life as much as we think you’ll enjoy your professional life in our business. ·

Retirement plan – from day one, our compensation model is designed to help you build a comprehensive plan to prepare for and ultimately enjoy your retirement with financial flexibility that will last a lifetime.
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