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Parkview Hospital Goes Live with Patient Monitoring System - First hospital in New England to use Wireless Telemetry Monitoring

January 13, 2012

BRUNSWICK – Parkview Adventist Medical Center went live this week with a new patient monitoring system solution for their cardiac patients.  Parkview is the first hospital in Maine to utilize the company Nihon Kohden’s state of the art patient monitoring system, and the first in New England to receive the latest model of wireless telemetry monitoring, with features designed to improve clinical workflow.  These ergonomically designed ambulatory transmitters offer a unique built-in color screen that provides real-time viewing of vital signs information and full disclosure of the previous ten minutes of monitoring.  These devices monitor ECG, respiration and blood oxygen saturation (Sp02).  “We believe this new generation of transmitters is very unique in the industry and allows the clinicians to have better information at the point of care, which will allow quicker intervention and lead to better outcomes,” said Mike Dashefsky, Vice President of Nihon Kohden America.

In addition to these innovative, body-worn transmitters, Parkview’s patient monitoring solution includes bedside monitors for use in their Emergency Department and ICU.  The wireless telemetry can be utilized in these departments as well as in the Medical/Surgical unit and in the Imaging and Diagnostics areas. “The automation of vital sign collection is going to allow every opportunity to respond faster to critical changes in patient vital signs,” said Dr. Matt Mechtenberg, Parkview Hospitalist and Chief of the Medical Staff.  “We are monitoring patients specifically identified to be at a higher risk for adverse events.”  “Patients may be satisfied most with the freedom the wireless transmitters allow them since they continually monitor a patient’s vital signs as they move around the hospital,” added Peggy Stratton, Vice President of Clinical Services & Chief Nursing Officer at Parkview. 

In support of Parkview’s ongoing commitment to improving the quality of patient care and safety, the hospital has partnered with Nihon Kohden, the fastest-growing patient monitoring company in the U.S.  Parkview is a 55-bed acute care hospital on Maine Street in Brunswick.

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