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POLICY: MEREDA "Not the Time to Change Rental Laws"- Opposes LD 1143, 1255 and 1296

June 11, 2021

Below is an advocacy alert form the Maine Association of Realtors for our businesses to know how they view these three bills.  

Advocacy Action Alert
Oppose LD's 1143, 1255, and 1296
June 8, 2021
MEREDA needs your help!
We need you to contact your local legislators and tell them to vote NO on LD’s 1143, 1255, and 1296.
These three bills deal with landlord-tenant law, and specifically termination of tenancy at will (1143) and eviction proceedings during states of emergency (1255, 1296). These bills were supported by a majority of the members of the Judiciary Committee, and if we don’t take action now, they could become law within the next couple of weeks.
Below is a brief summary of the proposals in these bills. Attached is a comprehensive summary of the bill or amended version of the bill.
  • **LD 1143** – would prohibit termination of a tenancy at will without cause except in certain instances. This is the worst of the three proposals, and a top priority for defeat.
  • LD 1255 – would prohibit judgement on an FED for nonpayment of rent until 90 days after the end of the declared COVID-19 state of emergency.
  • LD 1296 – would prohibit FED actions from being commenced during any future gubernatorial-declared state of emergency.
Please contact your House member and Senator ASAP to let them know you support Maine’s current legal and judicial remedies for landlord/tenant matters, and that you oppose these three proposals because they are poorly conceived and threaten to substantially unbalance Maine’s rental laws. Remind them that now is not the time to be rewriting Maine’s landlord-tenant laws, which could discourage the growth of additional and much-needed rental housing. We have attached talking points for each of the three bills to this alert – please feel free to use them in communication with your legislators.
Contact Your Legislator –
Urge them to VOTE NO on LD’s 1143, 1255, and 1296
Please use the following tools to locate your House Member/Senator by your town. Once you’ve located a legislator, you can view their e-mail by clicking on their legislator profile.

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